Lonsdale Scout Activity Centres

Lonsdale Activity Centres: Booking System

This system is currently in BETA TEST mode. If you spot any issues please email darren.phillips@lonsdalescouts.org.uk.

This is the fastest way to secure your booking. However, should you wish to book by post our booking secretary can help:

Steph Stephenson (Mrs.)
54 Broadway
Morecambe LA4 5XY
Tel: 07717 898807 E: lonsdalecamp@gmail.com

Covid 19

You MUST read and agree to follow the Covid 19 site Risk Assessment.

Covid 19 Risk Assessment: Silverhelme | Covid 19 Risk Assessment: Littledale

You must also send a copy of your own approved Risk Assessment to the booking secretary – Email: lonsdalecamp@gmail.com

For a list of charges please click here.

Please note that bookings cannot be guaranteed until confirmed by our Booking Secretary